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Plugins>Filters Unlimited 2.0

Plugins> Sybia SPYRROZAG

Plugins>Buttons&Frames 3D Glass Frame




This tutorial created with PSP X6

You can change Blend Modes according your color
My Colors


1>File New 900x600 Open  Transparent Layer

2>Selections-Select -All

3>Open  >Lilith (4)jpg

4> Edit >Copy

5 > Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

6>selecti None

6>Filters Unlimited  2.O>Sybia SPYRROZAG

7>Layers new raster layer

8>Selections-Select -All

 9>Open  >Decoceylan psp

10 > Edit >Copy

 11> Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

 12>selecti None

13>Layers-> Bend Mode ->opacty 71

14>Open  >SoniaTubes_7933

  15>Edit Paste->  New Layer

 16>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset

17>Open  >mist_exclusif_paysage_animabelle

  18>Edit Paste->  New Layer

19>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

 20>Layers-> Merge Visiple

2">Image>Add Borders->1>Pixels>#202020

22>Image>Add Borders->40>Pixels>color

23>image -> Image Rezize-900

24>Activate Magic wand And Select

25>Layers new raster layer

26>Open  >Lilith (9)jpg

26> Edit >Copy

 27> Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

28>selecti None

29>Effects->Filters Unlimited  2.O>Buttons&Frames 3D Glass Frame 135+128

30>Effcets - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 0-080,60 Black

31>Layers >Merge> Move Down

32>AAA Filters ->Custom->Landscape

33>Open  >Decoceylan1psp

  34>Edit Paste->  New Layer

 35>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

36>Open  >Texsceylan

  37>Edit Paste->  New Layer

38>Layers new raster

 39-Brush-Tool-Aktive 3Brush 

40>Layers new raster

41>Brush-Tool-Aktive 2Brush 

42>>File>  Save >  As >  JPEG


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