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love is
Heart with Mind


Plugins>MuRa's Filter Meister Cloud 2.2
Plugins>Penta.com jeans



1>File New 800x550 Open > Transparent Layer

2>MuRa's Filter Meister>Cloud 2.2

3>Effects>User Defined Filter Emboss-3

4 >Layers> Duplicate

5>Effects>Plugins>Penta.com jeans

6>Adjust Sharpness  Sharpen

7>Layers>Bend  >Opacity >44

8>Open Tube > luzcristina

Edit >Copy

 9 >Edit Paste>  New Layer
Imge Miroir

10>Effects> Image Effects> Offset

11>Bend Mode Luminance(Legacy)

12>Layers new raster

13>Brush>Tool>Aktive> Brush

14>Open Tube > Ceylan Bitki

Edit >Copy

 Edit Paste>  New Layer

15>Bend Mode Luminance(Legacy)

16>Open Tube > Tube Ceylan

Edit >Copy

  Edit Paste>  New Layer

17>Image - Resize-75

18>Effects> Image Effects> Offset

19>Adjust Sharpness > Sharpen

20>Layers> Arrenge >Move Down

>Aktive Layers
21> Layers new raster layer fill with #b3bda5

22>Layers mask layer from image -Narah_Mask_1230

23>Layers> Merge> Merge Group

24Image Miroir
Image Filip
25>Layers>Bend  >Opacity >75

26>Image>Add Borders> 1 Pixels #202020> (symmetrics )
Image>Add Borders> 30 Pixels  #697367> (symmetrics )

27>Selections >Select All
28>Selections >Modify

29> Layers new raster layer fill with #697367

30>Selections >Modify

31>Edit Cud
32>Selections >Select>None

33>Activate Magic wand And Select


35>Effcets>3D Effects>Inner Bevel

36>Selections >Select>None

37>Effcets > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow 0,0,70,31> Black

38>Aktive Layer 1

39>Activate Magic wand And Select

40>Effcets > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow 0,0,70,31> Black

41>Selections >Select>None
42>Layer>Merge All(Flatten)

43 >image > Image Rezize>800

44Open Tube > Texs Ceylan

45Edit >Copy

 Edit Paste>  New Layer

46>Bend Mode Luminance(Legacy)

Ceylan Frame psp


Mary - LBDM Teşekkür ederim

 tizzi  Tesekkür ederim
 Tesekkür ederim Cicka 

Do not be afraid I I'm with you " Korkma; ben yanındayım



Plugins>Filters Unlimited 2.0

Plugins> Sybia SPYRROZAG

Plugins>Buttons&Frames 3D Glass Frame




This tutorial created with PSP X6

You can change Blend Modes according your color
My Colors


1>File New 900x600 Open  Transparent Layer

2>Selections-Select -All

3>Open  >Lilith (4)jpg

4> Edit >Copy

5 > Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

6>selecti None

6>Filters Unlimited  2.O>Sybia SPYRROZAG

7>Layers new raster layer

8>Selections-Select -All

 9>Open  >Decoceylan psp

10 > Edit >Copy

 11> Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

 12>selecti None

13>Layers-> Bend Mode ->opacty 71

14>Open  >SoniaTubes_7933

  15>Edit Paste->  New Layer

 16>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset

17>Open  >mist_exclusif_paysage_animabelle

  18>Edit Paste->  New Layer

19>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

 20>Layers-> Merge Visiple

2">Image>Add Borders->1>Pixels>#202020

22>Image>Add Borders->40>Pixels>color

23>image -> Image Rezize-900

24>Activate Magic wand And Select

25>Layers new raster layer

26>Open  >Lilith (9)jpg

26> Edit >Copy

 27> Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

28>selecti None

29>Effects->Filters Unlimited  2.O>Buttons&Frames 3D Glass Frame 135+128

30>Effcets - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 0-080,60 Black

31>Layers >Merge> Move Down

32>AAA Filters ->Custom->Landscape

33>Open  >Decoceylan1psp

  34>Edit Paste->  New Layer

 35>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

36>Open  >Texsceylan

  37>Edit Paste->  New Layer

38>Layers new raster

 39-Brush-Tool-Aktive 3Brush 

40>Layers new raster

41>Brush-Tool-Aktive 2Brush 

42>>File>  Save >  As >  JPEG


Çok Tesekkür ederim Mary - LBDM

Çok Tesekkür ederim pinuccia

Çok Tesekkür ederim  Natalie

 Çok Tesekkür  ederim Maísa

Çok Tesekkür  ederim Lecture33

Thank you so much Veronika Máthé

Thank you so much Tut Me


   Thank you so much  Marylene aubry

In love Be Vulnerable   it is to be





Plugins>Flaming Per>Flood
Plugins>Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact


This tutorial created with PSP X6

Open Tubes in to PSP

You can change Blend Modes according your color

My Colors

Foreground Color #c34c51

Background Color #202020

1>File New 850x550 Open  Transparent Layer

2>Selections-Select -All

3>Open  >4530d0a29f7901adc9976072e48956ec-jpg
4> Edit >Copy

5 > Edit Paste> Edit- Paste Into selection

6>selecti None

7>Effects-Image> effects-Selaless Tiling

 8>Adjust Blur-Motion bulur

9>Adjust Blur-Motion bulur

 10 >Adjust Sharpness  Sharpen+2

11>Open Manzara > &Drevers_misted_landscapet

12 >Edit ->Copy

  13>Edit Paste->  New Layer

14>Open manzara > &Marif_2007_09Septembre_arbre02

15>Edit ->Copy

16 >Edit Paste->  New Layer

  17>image -> Image Rezize-77
 18>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

19>Effects> Flaming Per>Flood

20>Layers new raster layer fill    ->   Dark color

21>Layers-> Bend Mode ->Dissolve-> opacty->2

22>Layers new raster layer fill    #ffffff

23>Layers mask layer from image -Narah_Mask_1045

34>Layers> Duplicate
25>Layers> Merge->Merge Group

26>Layers new raster layer fill  ->#ffffff

 27>Layers mask layer from image -Narah_Mask_1264

28>Layers> Duplicate
29>Layers> Merge->Merge Group

31> Image ->Miroir
32>Layers-> Bend Mode ->opacty 48
33>Layers >Merge-> Move Down

 34>Layers-> Merge Visiple

35> Image>Add Borders-> 40-40-20-20 Pixels #202020 (symmetrics )

36>Image>Add Borders->30>Pixels>#ffffffmmetrics ) 

37 >image -> Image Rezize-900

38>AAA Filters ->Custom->Landscape

39>Open Tube > Criss 2751

40>18>Edit ->Copy

   41>Edit Paste->  New Layer

42>Open Tube > &Deco1

43>Edit ->Copy

  44>Edit Paste->  New Layer

 45>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

46>Open Tube ->TexsCeylan
47>Edit ->Copy

   48>Edit Paste->  New Layer

49>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

50>Selections >Load/Save Selection> Load Selection> selectionceylan7

51 >Layer New >Raster Layer

52>Flood Fill Tool > #ffffff
53>Selections >Modify Contract Selection

54 ->   Dark color

55>Effects Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact -> Glass

56>selecti None

57 >Effcets - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 0,0,73,26 

58>Open  ->Decoceylan2
 59>Edit ->Copy

   60>Edit Paste->  New Layer

61>Effects-> Image Effects-> Offset 

62>Adjust Hue and Saturation

63>Effcets - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 1,1,100,11 

 64>File>  Save >  As >  JPEG

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